Attractive Opportunity Reviews on XAUUSD (GOLD)

Today, XAUUSD has an interesting setup for our daily trading. Where since a few days ago, this commodity looks still in a strong selling pressure. Opportunity entry can be found in this technical analysis. Where the patterns that have occurred in the past few days, it is clear and easy to analyze technically.

Check out XAUUSD in the following 4 Hour Chart:

In the chart above, it looks yesterday's price has increased quite strongly. Where no bearish candle is formed. In slow gains, the price is now in the vicinity of the previous consolidated zone (Green Box), today's price reaction is crucial for the direction clarity to be aimed at. Breakout on consolidation will be a sign of strong buying interest in this commodity. Lets see.


In this 1 Hour time frame, we have Resistance and Support area:

Resistance area: 1227.00 - 1223.65

Area Support: 1215.25 - 1211.65

From the chart above, the price decline slowly occurred after the price rose strongly due to overnight news effects.…

Basics Of Technical And Fundamental Analysis

In trading, of course we know some techniques of analyzing in trading, namely Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.

Fundamental Analysis is an analysis that uses news to be released (news NFP, Oil inventory, Retail Sales, etc.) as an indicator to read where prices will move.

Technical Analysis is an analysis that uses patterns that have been formed by the previous candle, based on the time, the shape of the candle, and various other technical factors to read in which direction the price will move.

Some people think technical analysis is the best for trading, and some people also consider Fundamental analysis is the best for trading.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with this disagreement, because if we focus on one of the analysis, able to provide good and consistent profit because the forex market is a market that can always provide opportunities to the different perspectives of each trader.

Okay, in this article, I want to try to share about both types of analysis in a uni…

Impact Of Financial Leverage On Profitability

One of the common misconceptions encountered in the thinking of traders is the need for high leverage to maximize the profit potential of the forex market. Before we discuss it, let us first look at the basic concept of Leverage and Margin in Forex.

Some definitions of Leverage:

"A mechanical force or advantage gained by using a lever"
 "The limits on which investors or companies are allowed to take advantage of borrowed money"
    "The use of borrowed money to increase speculative capabilities and increase the profitability ratio of an investment, for example by buying a securities product using the"

In other words, leverage means the ability to use whatever you have to increase the borrowing limit of the other party. While the capital / funds that you use is referred to as margin.

A real example in life is when you want to buy a home but can not pay it in cash and directly; Then the bank will check your financial ability by looking at the salary you ea…

Devaluation of Forex Currency

Last week, the yuan currency rose in value after Pan Gongsheng, head of the foreign exchange agency, wrote a statement in Qiu Shi magazine that China has no intention to devalue Yuan to boost China's competitiveness in global markets.

Nevertheless, China, as the world's second-largest economy, has a history of frequent currency devaluation over time to boost its country's economic conditions. These allegations are often made by Donald Trump. Ironically, however, from year to year, the US Administration often puts pressure on China to devalue the Yuan with the argument of Yuan's value when it gives China an excessive economic advantage in international trade and keeps the prices of capital and workers within China very low. China's devaluation measures at the end of 2016 as part of emergency measures to rescue its economy have led to allegations that the move is causing uncertainty in the global economic climate.

What, then, is China's impact on devaluation of t…

Causes Of Financial Crisis

To this day we see a lot of currency instability, this is due to the large number of currency and capital flight that has occurred since the 1990s. Instability of this currency which then makes a decline in the value of a country's currency to affect the economy of a country.

Instability at the exchange rate begins to create where one unit of currency is no longer purchased as much as it is used. In other words the currency crisis began to occur and develop due to the interaction between the expectations of investors and what makes their hopes happen.

In the face of a currency crisis, the central bank will make a policy by maintaining the current fixed exchange rate by cutting the country's foreign exchange reserves, or by simply letting the exchange rate fluctuate in the market.

When the market wants a devaluation, using foreign exchange reserves to keep the exchange rate is a solution. Cur…

Excess Forex Compared to Other Investment

If you are now looking for the right online business search for you then there is no harm in you start to see and know the name of online forex trading. Trading forex is actually just like any other online business where you can make forex trading as a side income or main income.

If you are still curious, then you should listen to what the advantages of online forex trading compared with investment or other business.


Forex trading has a very high ROI (Return Of Investment), even rather difficult to find a business or investment that has a ROI level comparable to forex trading.


For those who cope in the world of investment or business, liquidity is the most important factor. Herein lies the advantages of online forex trading where liquidity is very high. So when you want to buy or sell one currency then you certainly get it, there are always other parties who sell or buy from you. There is no term fail to deliver in online forex tradin…

Forex Leverage Interest Rate

Interest rates or interest rates are a very important component in the world of forex, this applies to forex market moves due to interest rates or interest rates in the currency traded.

The interest rate itself is the main factor in determining the price of a currency, by seeking detailed information on how a central bank determines its monetary policy, including how they rise or descend interest rates correctly where prices will move.

What must be understood is the decision of the central bank to change the interest rate is to see the price stabulity on the market or commonly called inflation. Where inflation itself is an increase in price prices associated with goods and services that are widely consumed by the public.

An example of inflation is, in 1990 the price of one liter of gasoline was in the range of Rp. 500 and now people have to pay Rp. 6,500 for one liter of gasoline.

Inflation is inevitable, but can be controlled. When an inflation moves to remember but not too high or c…